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R.E.D in support of Dorset Mind

Health and fitness movement 
R.E.D in support of Dorset Mind

R.E.D stands for RUN EVERY DAY.  It kicks off in January, followed by a month-long challenge to run, walk, skip, (or whatever exercise you fancy!) each day, every day.  Local Minds around the country are taking part in the national campaign, and Dorset Mind is joining in! 

The main aim is to raise awareness for mental health issues by promoting the positive impact that exercise can have on your mind and wellbeing. The movement mantra is, ‘DON’T FEEL BLUE IN JANUARY, GET R.E.D.’ All sponsorship money raised from our local challenge will go to Dorset Mind. 

R.E.D’s founder, 32-year-old Hannah Beecham, was inspired to start the movement after helping her Mum combat depression through physical exercise; “Witnessing the life-changing effect that a physical challenge can have on someone suffering from depression, inspired me to start a social movement that promotes mental wellbeing through exercise.”

People are typically penny pinching in January.  R.E.D is FREE to participate in. With cold weather, dark days and the Christmas bloat to contend with, R.E.D provides a focus to help get people through January in a positive and healthy way.  It also encourages good habits for the rest of the year.

What sets the challenge apart from other sponsored fitness events is its inclusivity.  You don’t need to be athletic; you don’t even need to train your body to achieve a certain level of strength, agility or distance.  There are no rules.  The aim is to just move your body every day, whilst raising awareness for the millions of people who experience depression and similar mental health problems.

With inclusivity comes community.  Through the power of social media R.E.D brings people together who are affected by these issues. Participants are connected by a common goal, and can post online where they can share their experiences and find support.  Dorset Mind has a R.E.D Facebook page – search for ‘R.E.D. January for Dorset Mind.’

Mental health charity Mind, are invaluable supporters of R.E.D and came on board as the official charity partner this year.  Paul Farmer, Mind’s Chief Executive, said; “We’re really excited to team up with R.E.D January as their official charity partner for January 2018. We want to wish everyone taking part in the challenge the very best of luck. Not only is R.E.D January a brilliant way to kick-start the New Year, but also in taking part you are helping to raise awareness and open up the conversation about mental health.”

Dr Andy Mayers, Patron and Dorset Mind Trustee, comments; “What I particularly like about this challenge is that everyone benefits.  It’s a well-known fact that exercise increases serotonin – and that in turn is mood boosting.  Not only this, the sense of achievement and community the entrants will get from entering a national project is beneficial too.  We’re grateful to Mind for allowing us to participate in R.E.D. January.  Every penny raised will go towards funding our vital work, such as our information and support services.  We want to make sure that everyone in Dorset experiencing a mental health problem gets the support and respect they deserve.”

Marianne Storey, Chief Executive at Dorset Mind adds; “This is a great opportunity to start the New Year in a really positive way!  Not only will you boost your mental and physical health, you’ll also raise vital funds for your local mental health charity.  Best of all it’s free to register.  And if you choose to fundraise during your challenge you’ll receive a R.E.D. January medal.”

The January challenge is just the beginning. R.E.D’s mission statement is to promote the positive power of physical activity for your body and mind all year round.