Laura Kuenssberg Calls Tory Conference ‘Grisly’

The following is from the October 3rd blog by Laura Kuenssberg

‘The problem that is increasingly on people’s minds at this grisly conference is that the Tories might be only at the start of a decline, which becomes impossible to escape.

One former minister says, “there is a smell of decay”, another, that it is “hopeless, but we are resigned to the nightmare”. Cabinet ministers fret that Theresa May simply doesn’t have the ideas or imagination to reboot either her leadership or their party.

One of her colleagues says “how did she blow the party up in 12 months?”, lamenting how her premiership has paralleled Gordon Brown, who after years of hoping to get to Downing Street arrived there with little to say, bewildered by the sudden challenge of the top job. Another says she looks “bent and broken”‘.

Come on. Socialism 21st century style with a big environmental focus is the only thing that can save humanity. 

Let’s help the establishment drive the dagger in to their own hearts and take the only path for the many not the few.

Douglas James