Momentum and the Electoral Commission

I am confident you will find all is above board re Momentum. We did think this could poentially happen for political reasons, which it undoubtedly has. Of course we would not blame the EC for looking into something if asked to, that is why they are there.

We also expected, if it happened, that we would see major double-standards from the mainstream UK media on this. Compare this to, Channel 4 and Andrew Neil at the BBC aside, the coverage, or rather the lack of, of the Conservative party EC investigations in both 2015 and 2017. Particularly by the BBC.

If, as I suspect, this is political, then this is a huge compliment to Momentum, as it shows those with a lot to lose by having a Corbyn-led government, are genuinely scared. I can see the furrowed brows now – “How the hell did Momentum do so much with such little resources?! They must have cheated!” No, it is the difference between people genuinely inspired, engaged and active, and paying people to campaign for you. It is representative of this Corbyn-led Movement.

It is a Movement still not understood by these same people now panicking and looking desperately to catch up. Well, you won’t. Unless you offer good policy ideas, hope, compassion, passion and democratically-led inclusiveness. Which you won’t. Because you are ideologically redundant and totally lacking in all the aforementioned qualities.

Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely do not underestimate how low you would go, or how much you would manipulate, smear, lie and abuse; or that you will throw huge money at it. We know you will, and we know it will be a hard battle and we are in no way being complacent. But we also now know through the technology we have, the ideas, the passion, the motivation, the commitment, the resolve, the experience and the empirical evidence, it is a battle we can and will win. EC investigation or not.

We are Momentum, we are none of the negative labels you try and attach to us, and we are a wave that is only getting bigger. In solidarity with all progressives fighting for change and social justice.

The People united will never be defeated.

Adam Samuels