Number of Dorset & Wiltshire Firefighters Has Fallen By 242 Since 2010

Data from the FBU has revealed that the number of firefighters has fallen by 242 since 2010. The trend across the country shows some areas have lost many more some less. Report after report suggests that in many areas the fire service is either just getting by or lacking essential resources.

Firefighter numbers

As a firefighter, I know that fire service cuts brought in by the Tories are just as dangerous as those to the police

Across the country the fire service is down by 10000 firefighters since 2010 with response times now on average 31 seconds higher. 

Until this service is required many give it little thought. Other people’s family members being lost bring on an ‘how tragic’ moment. When it is us it is only then it becomes a resonating catastrophe. Change this thinking and perhaps all our suffering may be lessened.

Douglas James