Proud to be Racist Scum


Bunch of racists, enabled by the ‘hostile environment’ and twenty years of utter hate, lies and poison about immigrants, refugees, Muslims and foreigners.
Christ, Katie Hopkins got published in a national tabloid calling fellow human beings “cockroaches” and demanding naval guns mow down drowning immigrants. And didn’t get prosecuted. This is where we’re at – racialised hate and literal incitement to commit a crime against humanity and nothing. Fucking. Happens.

Object to it and pig shit-thick racists, morons and utter cunts pile on calling you a ‘snowflake.’

These utter scumbags get all fucking misty-eyed about a fucking piece of cloth, as long as it’s red, white and blue. They’ll swallow lumps in their throats while growing tumescent at the sight of a squaddy with a gun but empathy? Compassion? Genuine humanity for a different coloured human being?

These people are anti-human. Scum. Detritus.

Harry Paterson


Let’s name and shame and… them. A vile waste of space.

Douglas James