Following the publication of our article Tearing People’s Lives Apart For No Damn Reason we are very pleased to announce the following from Lesley:

“Thank you to the many thousands of people who shared the story of the plight of these two brave women and to those who asked for further news.

I have just spoken to Sally and explained about their story going viral on the internet and she is really pleased ! … She said Kevin Foster has phoned her and told her the council had no right to confiscate their belongings and that they had to go to a meeting at Connections (this was yesterday) … They have now been offered a place in a hostel and they will be moving in tomorrow ! *... The Council has contacted them too … They said the 2 council workers had no right to confiscate their belonging and they will both be sacked !! … I am meeting up with them tomorrow to give them the CBD oil when it arrives in the post ! …”

*They are in the Hostel and over the moon with their room … It has a sink and cooking facilities and they are WARM ! … lol ! so happy for them.”

The power of people who genuinely care. To every person who helped these two young women either by sharing their story or through practical support personally. To everyone who is helping and supporting the homeless on a daily basis and trying to make their lives better.


A special thank you to @Rachael_Swindon and Keith Lindsay-Cameron (@KeithCameron5) who shared this across the nation.