The number of people employed is at 2.82 million – up 7,000 on the year and up 322,000 on 2010.
The employment rate is at 80.1%, the highest employment rate of all regions in the UK – up 0.3 %pts on the year and up 6.7 %pts on 2010.
The number of people unemployed is at 80,000 – down 7,000 on the year and down 78,000 on 2010.
The unemployment rate is at 2.8%, lower than the UK average (3.8%) – down 0.2 %pts on the year and down 3.2 %pts on 2010.
The number of people in workless households has fallen since April-June 2010 by 137,000.

National Updates

Minister for Employment Mims Davies MP said:

As we embark on a new chapter as an independent nation outside the EU, we do so with a record-breaking jobs market and business confidence on the rise.

With wages still outpacing inflation, UK workers can expect their money to go further as we look ahead to a decade of renewal. The upcoming Budget will steer us on that course, further driving our levelling up agenda – so we can all share in the country’s prosperity.”

Completion date of Universal Credit extended to 2024

The date for the complete implementation of Universal Credit for the move of current claimants on legacy benefits has been extended to 2024.

As the number of people moving onto Universal Credit from the old benefit system is lower than forecast, with 900,000 more than expected remaining on the old system, a further nine months will be added to the estimated completion date.

This is based on the estimated transfer of 100,000 claimants per month and is attributed to the robustness of the labour market – due in part to low unemployment and fewer people than expected experiencing a change of circumstances.

Claimants will not lose money from their Universal Credit award due to this forecasting change.

Universal Credit offers support to more than 2.8 million people, including some of the most vulnerable in society.
Minister for Welfare Delivery Will Quince said:
“Universal Credit is the biggest change to the welfare system in a generation, bringing together six overlapping benefits into one monthly payment and offering support to some of the most vulnerable people in society.

“It is right that we revisit our forecasts and plan, and re-plan accordingly – ensuring that the process is working well for people on benefits.

“Claimants will not lose money due to this forecasting change.”

Weymouth Jobcentre jobs fair – a great success!

Approximately 300 jobseekers attended over a period two hours at Weymouth Jobcentre on 6th February for a jobs fair. With 22 Employers and Providers in attendance, there were certainly lots of opportunities available to include both seasonal vacancies and career opportunities. Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive with job starts being offered on the day of the event.

In addition to supporting recruitment, the event was utilised to promote apprenticeships and initiatives available to prepare and support people into Employment.

At the event, Disability Confident was also fully promoted – an initiative allowing Employers to demonstrate they are committed to ensuring Employees with a disability have opportunities to fulfil their potential. The Jobcentre team welcome the opportunity to support our Employers in signing up and improving their offer.

Local statistics

Constituency South Dorset 18-24 All


Alternative Claimant Count 217 1256
  Change on Year 23 -13
  %Change on Year 12% -1%
  5 Year change -56 -337
  % Change since 5 years ago -21% -21%
Local authority Weymouth & Portland 18-24 All


Alternative Claimant Count 193 1,016
  Change on Year 33 1
  %Change on Year 21% 0%
  5 Year change -37 -302
  %Change since 5 years ago -16% -23%
Constituency West Dorset 18-24 All


Alternative Claimant Count 130 947
  Change on Year 14 32
  %Change on Year 12% 3%
  5 Year change -1 -19
  % Change since 5 years ago -1% -2%
Local authority West Dorset 18-24 All


Alternative Claimant Count 134 975
  Change on Year 11 29
  %Change on Year 9% 3%
  5 Year change -4 -35
  %Change since 5 years ago -3% -3%
Region Name 18-24 All


Alternative Claimant Count 11,809 74,505
  Change on Year 1,144 2,964
  %Change on Year 11% 4%
  5 Year change -3,219 -11,877
  %Change since 5 years ago -21% -14%

Adele Blaker

Disability Employment Adviser Leader for Dorset and the New Forest

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