The walls have got to go

Having received a number of accusations over the last few years that Dorset Eye is somehow anti semitic (whatever that now means in 2019 – it depends on who one asks) as Co-facilitator I have regularly attempted to engage with those people who make these claims. It has been challenging as most (actually all) of them have no intention of having a mature discussion. Their dogma, hate and incapacity to provide any evidence is actually quite disturbing. Even when I have managed to respond it is often removed for fear of their followers seeing the crater sized flaws in their argument.

This from ‘Antisemitism Against Labour’ group on Facebook.

Any call for evidence appears to be based upon an article that Dorset Eye published about five years ago from an author who had the tenacity to compare Israel loosely to the Nazi regime. Personally, I do not agree that Israel and the Nazis’ are identical. The treatment of the Palestinians is recognised as contravening UN protocols on many occasions and is a crime against humanity but not on the Nazi scale. However, I digress. Because as a citizen media we published articles that were critical of Israel we are now tarred by these people as ‘anti semitic’. We do however, realise that for some they merely deal in unsophisticated binary evaluations and accepting they are wrong or misinformed is beyond their brief.

These people often cite the much discredited @Gnasher_jew  as an influence or source of their ‘information’ which in itself should be a warning light to anyone with their mind in tact. This account has been suspended on a number of occasions and appears to be a bot. However, whether it is or isn’t it is certainly a stain on democracy.

On a political level we receive a great number of articles that are pro Jeremy Corbyn. Not all are from Labour party members but most appear to be. One of the ways in which Mr Corbyn has been serially undermined since 2015, by the establishment media and Zionists across political parties, is to label him as an anti semite. However, again the evidence provided is usually regarding criticisms of Israel and never any mention of being Jewish. He has shared platforms with anti semites and this makes him an anti semite apparently. He has criticised Israel and shown support for the Palestinian people and this again makes him an anti semite apparently.

The problem with their argument though is that it is utter rubbish. They are so bogged down in hate and the incapacity to think analytically that once convinced by shady characters they are now trapped in a cage mostly of their own making.

Of course there is prejudice and discrimination in the Labour party as there is across all political parties and society more holistically. Anti semitism is of course a problem. But the evidence suggests that the problem is now less so in the Labour party than it was under the previous leader who was born in to a Jewish family. This then begs the question – why are a small but loud group making so much noise with Mr Corbyn but not with Mr Miliband? What are they scared of?

Something else that is virtually ignored is the criticism of other states (in some cases mostly Islamic) by Mr Corbyn relating to their human rights abuses. No call out of ‘Islamophobia’ against Mr Corbyn here. This is strange isn’t it? Some might say the dark forces at play are applauding the tunnel visioned approach.

All the while of course austerity is killing UK citizens. The Saudis are killing the Yemenis. Syria is still in a civil war. The US are planning to attack Iran. And all the while UK politicians and the public, by turning their heads, are colluding in these atrocities/genocides. For the religious amongst them eternity is going to be a bundle of laughs with all that and more to answer for.

My request is this. Although for some it will always fall on deaf senses, can we please enter a new era of open minds and honest critical debate without ad hominem? Can we converse with some respect for objective information and not merely hand picked alternative viewpoints that lack credibility. If we disagree, try and convince with proper debate and evidence. The country spends billions on education. We deserve more.

The walls whether physical or metaphorical have to go.

Jason Cridland