Christchurch MP Wants More Patient Payments For Healthcare

Multiple news outlets are this morning warning about the Private Members Bill 2nd Reading proposed by Christopher Chope MP.

The London Economic, Birmingham Live and Kitty S. Jones amongst others are highlighting the consequences of the bill being successful.

‘Christopher Chope, a Barrister and the Conservative MP for Christchurch, has proposed a private bill that would make provision for co-funding, and to extend the use of ‘co-payment’ – charges – throughout the National Health Service (NHS); and for “connected purposes.”

Though there are already some charges for health services such dental treatments, eye tests and prescriptions already, experts have warned that if the bill gains assent, it would open the floodgates to charging for a range of other services including GPs appointments and minor operations.’ (Kitty S. Jones)

Mr Chope’s proposals would further fundamentally undermine the guiding principle of the NHS, that of it being free at the point of delivery. It would also further undermine the government rhetoric on the NHS which has constantly been a great distance from its actual policy. From the promise not to reorganise in 2010 to the ‘safe in our hands’ narrative we have seen a creeping intention to sell to or hand over more and more to the private sector.

The US health care system is one of the least efficient within western societies and beyond, and yet some of the ideologues within the government seem only to care for the shareholders of companies they have historical interests in.

It is vital that as many as possible realise how they are being duped and distracted from what is really going on and demand that the government and Mr Chope realise the strength of feeling. The alternative will be crippling health bills and an even more divided country.

Douglas James