Disgusted at Tories Cheering The Continued Stagnation Of Emergency Services Incomes?

The foul Tories and their feral supporters are a cancer on our society.

People across Dorset and the UK are waking up to their cruelty and the exclusiveness of their policies. Whilst hundreds of thousands take to the streets in London and unite behind the message ‘For the Many Not the Few’ Tory supporters are never invited to anything by their party. Just the rich few attend whilst the rest continue to bitch and carp. Are they happy?

They may thinks so but we know different. They are sad and ignorant and that will be their epitaph.

Rejoice at these people and join them in changing the UK now and forever. The nay sayers are nothing but the walking dead. They can join us and find life so don’t give up on them.

Douglas James