Embrace Labour Under Jeremy Corbyn

What a fantastic day! Not too hot here now, sunny skies. Then when you throw in we are living in the most *potentially* exciting political times, being part of a Movement that no one seems to fully understand-not surprising as it constantly evolves, but around clear, basic principles-led by some one who is, like, actually the REAL DEAL! There is always hope while there are always people willing to fight for it. 

As the Tories, UKIPers, BNPers, EDLers, Britain Firsters and mainstream media once again ramp-up their full-on “Bring them down at all costs!!!!” rhetoric… Ignore the sceptics. Ignore the nay-sayers. Ignore the ‘too cool for school, cynical, sneering, “I’m intelligent and moan, but have no answers & don’t take part but criticise from afar”‘ crowd. Ignore the hate, lies, scaremongering and character assassinations. Remember how wrong, and how often they have been wrong, those idiots were/are.

Re Progressive Change: What we are in the middle of now will be talked about positively for decades to come.Embrace the solidarity. Embrace the hope. Embrace community. Embrace a different, inclusive way. Embrace Labour under Jeremy Corbyn.


Adam Samuels