I’m Not Racist But…

The following represents what is wrong with those who don’t stop and think. No recognition of the carnage many Brits have reeked abroad and at home. An admission that voting for Brexit and the Tory party is based upon anger (often irrational it appears).

Make your own mind up.

“So tonight I’m walking home from work and I see a guy who appears to be alcoholic and homeless, standing there pissing on a war memorial in broad daylight. So naturally I lost my fucking shit!

I asked him what the fuck he thought he was doing and pointed out that he was pissing on a memorial, he dismissed me in a foreign language that I couldn’t emedietly identify and started walking away. By now my blood pressure was so high, my fucking jugular was about to explode. But as I’ve been doing so well at keeping out of trouble in recent years I composed myself just enough, not to resort to violence.

So I call the police and I start following him. He realises what is happening and hurls abuse at me, but I keep following him until the police eventually arrive. They stop him and find a bottle of wine, and a can of super tenants inside his jacket, turns out the guy was polish.

One officer takes my statement and another speaks to the alcoholic cretin who pissed on the war memorial. After about 10 minutes the officer basically tells me that said cretin is apologetic and that there’s actually nothing they can do.

What a fucking disgrace our justice system is, and how much have our values become compromised for this sort of behaviour to go unpunished. Now, I’ve worked overseas and taken advantage of what other countries had to offer, so I have no problem with immigrants etc, my flatmates are polish and we get along great and as I’m sure many of you are aware, polish pilots helped fight off the Luftwaffe during the battle of Britain.

If you go to Thailand and insult their monarchy, you’re in the shit, if you go to Dubai with your Mrs and get a bit too heavy on the old public displays of effection, you’re in the shit. But if you come to England and piss on a fucking war memorial in front of a former member of her majesty’s armed forces, naa mate, you’re all good, just say you’re sorry and off you go. No fucking wonder people voted to leave the EU, no fucking wonder half the population voted Tory, no fucking wonder people are sick of our values being trodden on.

It’s a privilege to live in the UK, trust me, and we welcome immigrants for the most part, and I believe that the majority are good hard working respectful people, but if you’re not going to respect our values or our beliefs, if you’re an alcoholic degenerate who thinks it’s acceptable to desecrate a war memorial, then we should be able to reserve the right to tell you to fuck off and never darken our shores again. Cunt!”

(I have changed some of the spellings because even a racist should look like they can spell)

If he had been English or Scottish… what would this person’s reaction have been. Is it because he is Polish?

Douglas James