It’s A No Brainer: This Is Why We Must Vote For Jeremy Corbyn

OK, since 2010: The Tories have missed every single one of their own fiscal/economic targets. Every one. They have borrowed more money than every Labour government in history. Combined! WHILE implementing the completely unnecessary Austerity-which is purely political/ideological. NOT economically necessary-in fact, it’s economically stupid and morally reprehensible. Food bank usage has gone from 41,000-odd to over 1.3million-approx a third of who are IN WORK. Wages have stagnated for the last decade for the first time in recorded history over that time frame.In fact, in some areas, they have receded to -10.4%-a figure matched only by Greece. We have record homelessness, record poverty, record sanctions and DWP defeats on appeal, record child poverty, the UN investigating the Tories for human rights issues against the disabled. We have seen money taken from disabled, poor and most vulnerable and literally handed to the biggest earners via tax cuts.

We have seen record levels of insecure work/zero hours contracts, the UK becoming-quite literally-the most unequal society in Europe economically. We subsidise companies who make billions in PROFIT with billions of public money, while closing hospitals and much-needed public services. The state also has to subsidise wages which we know are way too low. Again, due to the Tories. We spend less per head on healthcare than AMERICA!!!!, and all bar 3 western European countries, with May saying that amount is due to GO DOWN year on year as a per head percentage at the exact same time the demand is going up to record levels. The man in charge of Health literally wrote the book on privatising the NHS 10 years ago.

The Tories, without question, will usher in a FULLY PRIVATISED NHS by the end of the next parliament or just after. They ran an extraordinarily racist campaign again Sadiq Khan in London, and May herself was responsible for the ‘Go Home’ vans touring cities telling migrants to do just that!!! They want a very right wing, extreme Brexit and now do not have the EU to stop some of their more extreme right policies. The war mongering will ramp up as we become Trump’s lap dog/poodle again.

Under Corbyn this. clearly, would not happen. He is NOT a pacifist, but is force as a last resort, not first. I mean, I could go on. WHY ON EARTH would someone vote Tory knowing this?! Labour MPs, bar literally a handful, ALL AGREE on policies. The policies are all majority-popular with the general electorate. The Labour ‘brand’ was damaged pre Corbyn, and the hatchet job done by the media/Tories/Lib Dems/UKIP on Corbyn (it is ALWAYS an attack on the man, not the policies BTW), means before he opens his mouth, this brilliant man has been judged incorrectly and based on a pack of lies.


Corbyn was on the correct side of history re Iraq X 2, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria X 3 now, not arming Saddam Hussein in the 1980’s when we did, the Birmingham 6, the Guildford 4, the general election just called. He saw the financial crash happening in advance, even down to the specifics of the American sub-prime mortgage market and banking issues…but was ignored. He started the peace process talks in Northern Ireland, and has tried numerous times to broker peace between Palestine & Israel, including forcing through a vote in parliament to recognise BOTH Israel & Palestine in early 2015. Yet you will be told he is pro-terrorism etc. All blatant lies.

As the independent London School of Economics media study showed-Corbyn is literally the most lied about/bullied/abused politician, ever!! He won the Gandhi Peace Prize in 2013, and the Queen made him ‘right honourable’; if the lies re Corbyn were true, neither of those things would have happened. Don’t forget, Corbyn was being arrested for being ANTI-Racist re Arpartheid, at the same time the Tories were calling for Mandela’s head. He’s forced through (sometimes with the help of other parties) approx 30 government u-turns now. His economic plan is based on the German National Investment/regional Investment Bank policy, and is backed by many economists, including at least TWO Nobel Prize winning economists and former BOE advisers.

So, as you can see, for me, it is a no-brainer come June 8th. What other politician could claim to have that track record of being correct?! I want future generations to have an NHS! I want them to have basic worker rights and secure employment. I want them to have access to a house. I want a much fairer society-not more war mongering, not more failed Neo Liberal Free Market economics.

THINGS MUST CHANGE!!! Before it’s too late and we lose this unique opportunity.


Adam Samuels