KILL THE BOER? An account of farm torture and murder in South Africa

I make new friends on facebook all the time but few have formed good close relationships with me.
One, in particular, has touched me greatly and although I cannot divulge her name or even where she lives I have permission to share her story.

My friend lives somewhere in South Africa and she is one of many who are traumatised and in need of our help.
South African white families who live remotely on farms are suffering unspeakably but I will let her convey her thoughts:

“The death toll is higher than a mid-level war zone.
They don’t report half of it.
My friend who lives just outside the suburbs says that in the last 3 months in her area there have been 7 shootings, 4 fatal.
I’ve lost count of how many armed robberies including people being tied up and beaten and taunted with death for hours, over 10 for sure.
The politicians openly call for the slaughter of whites in parliament.
It’s not grassroots.
The EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters, a South African political party) is funding paid gangs of thugs who are set loose to terrorise the white populations.

EFF deputy president Floyd Shivambu and president Julius Malema at a media briefing on allegations that the party and Shivambu benefited from the VBS bank looting.
(Image: Gallo Images/Felix Dlangamandla)

Malema and his gang, who are often aided by police, have access to cell phone jammers (to prevent people calling for help) and are using torture methods which have been honed in other war zones.

Everyone I know knows someone who has lost family or friends to this de facto genocide – over 74 000 people who burn in the sun have been slaughtered since 1994 – and there are sites which list every single name.

There is no land reform – all farms are sitting on coal, uranium and gas deposits and half the country is designated for mining and fracking.
UK and US are making a fortune in every way.

The drop in currency value has sent food prices through the roof, and hyperinflation (full starvation) is looming.

This is going to become an all out hot war by elections next year.

White South Africans are trapped, they keep us out of the West with every technicality they can and our money is worthless so where are we going to go? We are denied refugee status everywhere.

I’ve had a gun to my head, a shootout in my garden, seen a man beaten to death by police (no, there was nothing I could do), my closest friend’s partner was shot dead in front of her, etc etc – ad nauseam.

Meanwhile the heavily funded disinformation campaign is in full swing. They lie about statistics, they don’t even report most crimes. You hear about them via community messenger reports:
“Be careful, condolences to these families, courage to those, hope you get over being tortured”.

Torture is the primary feature, not theft.
Elderly people having their eyes gauged out with pliers, a child crucified to the table and raped in front of her parents. And the world remains deaf, dumb and blind.
I know the cavalry is not coming and realistically I’m not getting out.
Like most other people without kids, I have my own contingency plan, and I hope for a bullet and a quick death and not torture.
I am up to the back teeth with lies, denial, “you deserve it” when it’s happening in front of my eyes every day – people call for the slaughter of whites in parliament, at political rallies, on TV, on the radio, in so many words and it’s no big deal?
I am disgusted beyond disgusted with the hypocrisy, the lies of people I know who do know better, the averted eyes etc.

By the way, ISIS and Boko Haram are openly training, massive groups of Boko Haram gathering along one border and in one province. I guess the Brits regret not having genocided us properly the first time around, so they are penning us in to finish the job.
Realistically, I’m not getting out and where would I go?

Not to some Western nation where I have people rolling their eyes at what I know and denying the massacre of my people here. Never ever did I believe I would live to see such a world, people I KNOW looking away.
I give up on humanity.
Nothing will stop what is happening here, my only mission is to make sure no-one who crosses my path will ever be able to say “I didn’t know”.
Yes, you did, and you must accept that there is blood on your hands too.
Silence is compliance, denial is a crime against humanity.

Sorry to rant like this, but once you’ve had the joy of being held up on a highway for 4 hours while rioters burned tyres and pulled people out of cars to batter them (we were far enough back to avoid the worst), no police and when they came they parked on the side of the road until the rioters got tired and went home….. at that point, you are more or less out of fucks, to be blunt.

Frances, honestly, I’ve just given up.
I no longer care, I’m most concerned about my dogs because what they do to animals here is the stuff of nightmares. For myself, I have zero attachments aside from them.
Non-stop health issues, obscene co-payments yada yada.
I’m numb and paralysed, I have CPTSD (Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) anyway from crimes and I freeze.

The only thing I would ask is that you let people know, and most especially make sure they know that land reform is a corporate heist by mining companies.
I know things one can’t really say: Gulf States, China, UK and US are all in on it.
And thank you for being the firebrand that you are! x

Oh and let them know there is a paid disinformation campaign – I personally traced back pages, although many people had told me about it, I went on a mission to see for myself. EFF and ANC, and I have called out many members for spreading disinformation – you can imagine how bad things are when they need paid disinfo campaigns in place….

And (sorry to go on), but the two kids I’ve been ‘home schooling’ had to be pulled from their schools because of racial bullying and because the eight year old little girl was being subject to boys stuffing their hands up and down clothing, boys exposing themselves and rubbing themselves up against her.
The pupils are so violent the teachers look away and this family cannot afford private school fees, they barely have a roof over their heads. Everyone I know is down to peanut butter sandwiches for dinner – either that or can’t pay rent etc.

Frances, I have taken so much abuse including the most obscene, beyond the pale sexual graphic commentary by men of colour in the West in particular, and if, on the off chance I do manage to get out, my comments can and will be held against me.

Let’s say I put myself on the radar for ‘hardware sales’ such as the London Fair which you know was not well-attended. I’ve stuck my head out far enough, for no thanks and a ton of abuse.
I’d rather not go on the record.
Bad things happen to people who say too much in this country 😕
But thank you. If I weren’t here, I’d be singing like a canary, here it’s not worth the risk.

I know what I know, and just as I refuse to shut up about any other war zone, I’m not starting here. It’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

I stand by every word. I am not exaggerating anything. I could go much further on with examples but it gets tiresome.”

So you can imagine, dear reader my distress, reading this.
So graphically and yet plainly stated.

I replied: “OK. Leave it with me for now and rest. I will write this up, I have found one article from March but nothing more recent yet. I will do more research later. Then I can concentrate. I will send you a link as soon as it is done.
If you think of anything else….add it here and I will be back in a jiffy.~
Hold tight.
There is an answer.”

My friend was quick to write: “Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. It’s not PC to sympathise with us, so everyone is looking away. I understand, it’s the climate. Take care!!”

That confused me a bit…. so I quickly wrote back:
“I don’t get it…. why would we not sympathise? I feel for all souls in this mad world.
I am trying to find reports about Boko Haram and ISIS training in Mozambique – there must be a D notice on the media because there is nothing in UK media at all…. sickening. I will keep looking.”

It was not long before another message arrived:

“Frances, city centres here are becoming completely fundamentalist , they are kicking out refugees from surrounding countries to make way for North Africans. Black friends update me, block after block becomes a no-go zone.
The clampdown on the press is extreme.
No sympathy for white people – we are the source of every evil in the world.
And if we are slaughtered we are a nice scapegoat for liberals who can repent unscathed.

I have been in ferocious arguments, I had to stop going onto certain facebook pages because I was going to have an aneurysm.
People laughing at babies being dragged through hot coals and shot?
“They deserve it”?
I just can’t.
Not once, over and over and over again.
Liberal rags like politico – at one point I went down all the comments and called out every moral retard.
“If Trump said it, it can’t be true”.
“This is the white supremacists making it up” …. on and on and on.

EU and UK, US Australia – they actively keep us out.
I’d be too scared to go to the UK lest I face an interrogation over my SM (selective mutism, an anxiety disorder)and be turned back at the airport.
It’s not like it doesn’t happen all the time…..”

As promised, I have done some research to back up my friend’s words and I have tried to be very sparing with the editing. The story is just a glimpse into the hell that is going on as South Africa descends into a confusing chaos.
I cannot suppress the sneaking suspicion that this is a classic example of the CORE vs the GAP and that the rest of Africa will suffer similarly if ISIS and Boko Haram continue to grow under the tutelage of blood-soaked mercenaries fresh from the battles of the middle east….. dependent on the wages they receive from unknown hands.


THIS ONE IS VERY GRAPHIC – please do not open it with young children around or if you are squeamish.
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Further reading on the subject of resource grabbing in Africa and related induced violence:

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