Only 3 of the top 10 tourist destinations have a Royal family

The UK are 8th surrounded by, for example, France at 1 and Thailand and 10.

1. France

2. USA

3. Spain

4. China 

5. Italy

6. Turkey

7. Germany

8. UK

9. Russia

10. Thailand

Only the UK, Spain and Thailand have monarchies and they are constitutional with very little influence. Yet the UK monarchy costs the tax payer £334 million a year – nearly 10 times more than the figure published by the Royal Family.

The Royal Family fail to include the fact that the royal family’s security bill, for instance, is picked up by the Metropolitan Police, while the costs of royal visits are borne by local councils.

Did you know that it cost us £14,692 on a round trip for Prince Andrew (UK Ambassador for Arms sales) to see the golf at Muirfield? Prince Edward, meanwhile, took a £46,198 charter flight to Sofia, Bucharest and Ljubljana.

And big brother Prince Charles blew an impressive £246,160 on a private jet to Nelson Mandela’s funeral.

If social class is not important any more as the establishment repeatedly tell us then surely it is time to give us a sign. Get rid of the magic money tree that preserves this antiquity and let’s get modern like most of the rest of the planet. 

Members of the public can take it in turns to open Parliament or cry crocodile tears at the graveside of a despot or wear silly hats and do silly waves at a horse race. 

Or we can preserve the 14th century and take 3 steps back to every one forward.

Who is with me?

Douglas James