Why Would Anyone Outside Of The Wealthy Vote Conservative?

My daily intake of current affairs from all sources, leads me to wonder why anyone would vote for a Conservative government. It seems that most of the governance of our beloved country is in a chaotic mess and is moving in that direction daily. From Brexit, to home affairs, austerity and welfare, everything is in crisis.

What is being created, is a have and have not society, where those who benefit off the backs of the rest of us prosper, whilst we are left with less and less.

Today, we hear of the repercussions from the privatisation of public services, with G4S being in the news today, as the government takes control of a prison in crisis due to mismanagement and decay, only to offer it back to them after 6 months in the future?
There are so many government services contracts that have collapsed, such as Carillion and rail service providers. On that subject, there are the ever increasing fares that some who rely on to get to work, cannot afford and even when they can, finding a very badly organised system.

Then we have the NHS not being able to cope with funding cuts, as is the Police, Fire, schools and other essential services.

The dire poverty created by government policies and the no contract jobs that make it impossible to make ends meet, with support being cut and in some cases totally removed.
As for Brexit, where the government is trying to mold a deal that will only benefit a few at the expense of the majority of us, even to the extent of many British business’s, a core of which vote Conservative, will suffer, makes no sense.

So I come back to my question, why would anyone, affected by these facts vote Conservative, when they are destroying lives business and the aspirations of an entire nation.

Roger Mac