Another Fine Example Of Media Manipulation

I saw this headline this week. Contrast this stance with secret tax deals struck not long ago between search engines and social med outlets relieving them of tax liabilities. Shortly afterwards during election time, certain negative ‘most used search phrases’ and other incriminating posts about Conservatives were edited or deleted by Google.

  • Now, because of virtually complete mainstream media control by the Right (and the population opinion control that goes with it), the internet has been the only place for people to express dissent, inform others of the truth and gather an opposition following — and very effective it has been too. The internet is almost a democratic medium (relying on the conscience of its gate-keepers) and it scares the government deeply, because this is the source of the weakness of its grip on lasting power.
  • The Government’s aim is to censor this dissent and growing organised opposition on the Internet, as a matter of urgency. It will do this under the guise of safeguards against: (a) terrorism and (b) threats to children. Its plan is to use taxation as the stick to whip these Internet organisations who have been excused payments in the first place.
  • The real ‘terrorist’ threat for this Government is not jihadist — but Socialist / Liberal Democracy with people like Corbyn et al as enemy #1.

Headline Analysis:

The carefully crafted headline really says (but avoids saying it for fear of the truth being known):


‘Tech Titans’ – used instead of ‘Internet Companies’ to show them as ‘faceless corporate giants’ therefore deserving no sympathy from us.

‘Join Terror Fight’ – extension of the meaningless ‘War On Terror’ catch-all, which permits all kinds of curbs on freedom in the pursuit of lasting power over populations. But the phraseology is designed to stimulate righteousness indignation — is if they don’t help track down obvious threats already.

‘Tax Blitz’ – you can’t make a company pay more tax than it owes, only allow it to pay less (in this case much less). But they don’t want to admit that they’ve been letting people off their tax liabilities.  So therefore this is saying: we’ve scratched your back — now time to scratch ours.

Martin Ison