With or without Russia Ukraine is an ethnically divided country. The west Galician regions and Kiev ethnic Ukrainian speaking the Ukrainian language. The heavily populated industrial eastern regions Donbass and in the south Crimea ethnic Russian with Russian the first language.

The division between first language Ukrainian and first language Russian 67% to 29% (there are other minority languages). Many areas throughout Ukraine speaking both Ukrainian and Russia.

Prior to 2014 Maiden revolution/coup d’etat, under the government of President Viktor Yanokovych – the Party of the Regions – Russian language had equal status for the people of Donbass and Crimea as Ukrainian for the people of Kiev and western Ukraine.

November 2013/February 2014 the uprising in Kiev has then had huge national and global consequences. The US/UK/EU will say popular uprising. Russia and many in Asia, and in the West, will say riot and coup d’etat.Certainly there was large scale violence, protestors and police died from sniper fire.

There is complexity. Vying competing factions and accounts. But, what is unquestionable, there was blatant large scale decisive interference in Ukraine internal politics from the USA State Department (Victoria Nuland) and US Congress senators (John McCann and others). And clear beyond question mobs of right wing neo-Nazis and other extremists with government overthrow agendas turned what had been peaceful demonstrations in Maiden for two months into violent insurrection.

What is important to keep in mind for the Yanokovych government 2010-14 is that to sign an agreement with the EU, which was the triggering issue at that time for Kiev demonstrations, would have had huge impact on established Ukraine trade relations with Russia running for decades. All the same the UK Brexit EU-world trade customs dilemmas. Open free trade with one block you loose free trade with another, and visa versa. Real world economic dilemmas.  

Following the violent Maiden revolution/coup d’etat autumn 2013/spring 2014 (over a hundred died in Maiden including many police officers) new governments came into power bringing in new legislation including the end of Russian as an equal national language.

Human Rights Watch: 2019 Ukrainian Language Laws

There was then outrage in Russian speaking regions.

And not just this a civil war raging in Donbass for eight years since the 2014 overthrow of the then government. Donbass ethnic Russian region and Crimea reacting to the Kiev coup d’etat overthrow of the elected president Victor Yanocovych government.

Donbass in 2014 declaring an independent autonomous region. No attacks from Russian speaking Donbass on Kiev. No attacks on other regions of Ukraine. But for eight years large scale attacks from the post Maiden Kiev government on Donbass.

This then followed in 2019 by the On ensuring the Functioning of the Ukrainian Language as the State Language” with Ukrainian becoming “the only officially recognised national language”, Russian language taken out of schools and removed from all government and business communication, to the Russian speaking Ukrainians a huge assault on their identity and lives.

This is the UN Under Secretary General July 2019 on the matter of the newly enacted Ukraine Language Law : Ukraine Language Laws

Many first language Russian speaking Ukrainians see these laws on par with the 1933 German anti-Semitic Nuremberg Race Laws which began the persecution and destruction of Jewish people in Germany

1933-34 anti-Semitic Race Laws Jews excluded from state service.

That clearly rings true and understandable for any that want to look at the history of Ukraine neo-Nazi Right Sector, Svoboda, and Azov battalions.
 You can see this in Maiden December 2013 with thousands in Maiden square “All those not jumping are Russkies” – a belittling contemptuous insult to Russian people.

And keep in mind Ukrainian Galician Nazi battalions – Waffen-Grenadier-Divisions – fought with German Waffen SS in WWII. Huge atrocities carried out. That is how divided Ukraine is the western regions to the eastern.

It is then in 2019 that President Zelensky government officially enacted the highly divisive policies removing Russian as an equal national language, telling the UN in the same breath he is committed to “non-divisive policies”. And this with as of 2019 five years conflict in Dombas.

Ukraine State Language Law 2019 : a huge assault on ethnic Russian Ukrainians and the whole issue of countries protecting minorities.

This is a brief overview of the whole language issue in Ukraine. The part it has played inflaming and provoking conflict and war. And our entire BCP council of Cllrs but one Cllr (May 2022) oblivious to why this war is now raging. 

Yet BCP fly the Ukrainian flag on BCP council building and prepare public statements in the name of the people of this conurbation. Solidarity with Ukraine and not a remote clue, beyond seeing the impact of the horrors of war in public media, what has been going on in Ukraine the past eight years years.

On overwhelming public evidence it is US backed US funded US promoted 2014 coup d’etat in a deeply divided country that brought this war on. Its all emphatically on record for those who want to look.

Kiev December 2013 John McCain with Oleh Tyahnybok founder of ultra right wing Neo Nazi Svoboda. Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) National Endowment for Democracy US funding US management (State Dept Victoria Nuland and US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt) of the whole coup d’etat. Unlawful unconstitutional overthrow of an elected government.

US political power and interests inflaming and exploiting divisions in Ukraine over many years. And that on clear evidence a coup in the planning and resourcing for many months. Classic US Regime Change. Freedom the banner, regime change the mission. All the evidence is there for those who look.

The most comprehensive non-political professional accounts of the whole east-west Ukraine issue I know of, from a US marine colonel with many years combat experience and a senior officer (retired) in the Pentagon law division, along with film producer Oliver Stone’s Ukraine on Fire.

Colonel Richard Black – 31 years a marine officer – head of criminal law division in the Pentagon 1990s: the US wars in Syria and Ukraine – “Propaganda narrative has been very effective for the West demonising Russia” – “The US is leading the world to nuclear war.”

He draws our attention to all that Russia has not done in Ukraine: 26th April – “The rules of engagement for the Russians were very, very cautious. They didn’t want to create a great deal of hatred and animosity. The Russians did not bomb the electrical system, the media systems, the water systems, the bridges and so forth. They just wanted this to be over with and get back to normal”.

This is supported with repeat media references in March to “Where is the Russian air force? – The curious case of Russia’s missing airforce. At the same time other reports speak of many Russian planes and Ukrainian planes being shot down. And of course huge destruction from both Russian and Ukrainian forces fighting in Ukraine. We do not know if Ukrainian forces themselves are or are not exercising restraint in civilian area. What we do know is neo-Nazi Azov batallions are fanatical – “Ukraine for Ukrainians”. 

No-one is denying there is huge destruction of Ukraine cities using tanks, missiles, and artillery. 
Terrible suffering for the people of Ukraine. But the point made by Colonel Black is that Russia has limited use of its air force. Has not launched total war of genocide as German fascism launched on Russia June 1941 (26 million Russians and Ukrainians died).

And the USA seven years carpet bombing Vietnam using jellied petroleum napalm and agent orange chemical warfare killing Vietnamese (Gooks) in their millions. Obliterating the entire country. And mass destruction of Korea in early 50s including bombing dams to drown tens of thousands. Millions of southern Asian civilian killed. And since then US launched Iraq and Afghanistan invasions with hundreds of thousands of civilians dead.

The US showed no restraint what-so-ever in Asia or in the Middle East in successive wars. Civilians and combatants alike treated as subhumans. Just look at the gun-ship massacre of retreating Iraqi soldiers out of Kuwait March 1991 – mass slaughter by the US air force. A blatant massacre of troops that were defeated and fleeing but as ever its the USA – war crimes don’t apply. Rules of war apply to adversaries, not the USA.

Ukraine war geo-politics May 2022.

The war now in Ukraine all one and the same Russia or the USA coming in on one side in Ireland and firing up a massive war with the UK. The situation in Ukraine is no different. Major powers in the world making all the difference. Smaller countries forced to make binary decisions. Tipping country after country into civil war and insurrections: 

America’s century of meddling in elections.
Even in their own country Washington January 2021 the US on the cusp of insurrection and overthrow of their lawful government. As led by white suprematists and neo-Nazis no different to the ultra-right wing neo-Nazi nationalists in Kiev December 2013/February 2014.

And you tell us BCP Cllr Lawton you find what Cllr Butler has said, citing Ukraine language laws as a provocation leading to war, “incomprehensible” and “unbelievable”.

That is because Cllr you do not have a clue what has been happening in Ukraine do you. The language issue one of so many provocations in civil war assaults on Donbass for eight years.  But then you don’t know as Donbass news has not been in UK “mainstream media”.

The only Western news team in Donbass post 2014 to report on the war in Donbasa:
 Mark Batalamai – all the reasons why the West knows so little of the war in Dombas the past eight years. And that including the “Ukraine for Ukrainians” anti-Russkie para-military Azov battalion, let loose to terrorise.

All the same letting loose large scale UK National Front in UK multi-cultural cities killing innocent civilians and no-one in national or world media bothers to report.  

And now the whole war – Russia’s response to years of provocation and NATO build-up – explodes in our media we end with emotional impact with saturation propaganda obliterating any hope of understanding why the war broke out, what we do now to close it down.

Glenn Greenwald – global journalist – worked with Edward Snowden 2013 to release the US NSA illegal mass surveillance files “When we are in a state of high emotion – intense emotion – our capacity to reason is overwhelmed”. We see red when we need to think hard. Is this not the state now of most in the West.

And all the worse for millions in UK if not near the entire population government led, mass media amplified, blanket propaganda, “Putin evil” “West good”. It’s that simple. With billions of dollars of UK/US weapons pouring into Ukraine fuelling the war. Worse again now ever rising risk US torpedos are going to end up sinking Russian warships.

President of Russian Federation – lengthy addresses – to the world.

For the record BCP Cllrs/UK MPs I have read and watched all President Putin’s speeches. I want to know what is going on. Both sides. All I have read of what the Russian President has to say on the world stage is reasoned, coherent, understandable. That is not to say Russia is “right”. It is to say what the president of Russia is saying is an intelligible account of the view of the world from Russia.

And he gets cartoon vilified in the West with a Hitler moustache. Hitler raved and ranted firing up powerful national emotions leading to explosion of fascism across Europe. All you will see and hear from President Putin is a measured reasoned coherent account of policy and decisions. Below on good terms with the US for over a decade in 2000s.

He made two major addresses to Russia and the world 21st and 24th February explaining in detail the reasons why Russia is carrying out military operations in Ukraine (notably the USA bombed Korea into oblivion for two years 1950/52 – that was designated by the US a “police action”).

If you read all the Russian President has said over many months consistency is clear. He makes the same provocation and western NATO threat points time and again: Ukraine Kiev government attacks on ethnic Russian and Russian speaking Ukrainians in the Donbass region; the rise and empowerment of neo-Nazi politicians and factions in Ukraine; Neo-Nazi Azov battalion in action in Donbass; several years post-2014 Kiev coup d’etat US weapons pouring into Ukraine. The greatest fear for Russia they know very well first opportunity the US will move NATO strike aircraft and nuclear missiles into Ukraine on Russia’s borders.

A clear repeated consistent message from the Russian President and government but few in the West are listening.

Instead he is singled out reviled and mocked.
 The classic first move of all propaganda – single out and demonise the leader. Such enormous insult to Russia and time and again for a decade. The US and much of the West of the simplistic view “We won the Cold War”. The view from Russia, the USSR and US negotiated the end of USSR troops in Germany, Warsaw Pact to be dismantled, NATO would not move east. A negotiated end to the Cold War, not anyone triumphing over and humiliating an enemy.Not one inch: America, Russia, and the making of the post-cold war – Yale Press: M.E. Saqrotte. “… reveals how Washington’s hardball tactics transformed the era between the Cold War and the present day, undermining what could have become a lasting partnership.”

Russia/world address by President Putin 21st February:
  “The situation in Donbas has reached a critical, acute stage. I am speaking to you directly today not only to explain what is happening but also to inform you of the decisions being made”Followed by a lengthy history of Russia/Ukraine to present day:

“The Kiev government policy to root out the Russian language and culture and demote assimilation carries on. The Ukraine Rada has generated a steady flow of discriminatory bills.”

“The United States and NATO have started a provocative development of Ukrainian territory as a theatre of potential military operations. Their regular joint exercises are obviously anti-Russian. Last year alone (2021) over 23,000 troops and more than a thousand units of hardware were involved”.

“The choice of pathways towards ensuring security should not pose a threat to other states, whereas Ukraine joining NATO is a direct threat to Russia’s security.” A UN mandate: No country’s security benefit should be at the cost of threat to and loss of security of another country.

“In this regard, I consider it necessary to take a long overdue decision and to immediately recognise the independence and sovereignty of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic”.

On the stage of world history I cannot see what the Russian President has to say on point after point as anything but accurate and authentic. A clear minded comprehensive grasp of the policies and strategies of the US and West to Russia and Ukraine. All he says is born out in cross-reference after reference in modern day international contemporary history. 

And as many have said Putin apart “no Russian president” – no president of any country – would allow nuclear weapons to be moved into a hostile country on their borders.

Address by President Putin 24th January: The declaration of special operations – defined and limited military action in Ukraine. A pre-emptive strike against feared adversaries (US/NATO) who will not negotiate. For years Russia appealing that Ukraine stays neutral. Does not become part of US/NATO. The last appeal to the US/NATO/EU December 2021: Arms Control Association: Russia initiated a US/NATO exchange in December 2021 with proposals related to arms control. Proposals were then in US summarily dismissed as demands. No negotiations.   

Russian President 24th February : “From today’s Ukraine, which has turned into “anti-Russia”, a threat constantly emanates. Therefore, for the Russian Federation, the start of a military operation is a matter of life and death. Russia has been left with no other opportunity.”

“The President noted: the purpose of the operation is to save people from genocide and achieve the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine. Our country cannot feel safe with the constant threat posed by Ukraine, which has been turned into a hostile “anti-Russia”, placed under full external control and pumped with weapons”.  

“For 30 years, we have persistently and patiently tried to agree with the leading NATO countries on the principles of equal and indivisible security in Europe. In response to our proposals, we constantly faced either cynical deception and lies, or attempts to pressure and blackmail, and the North Atlantic Alliance time, despite all our protests and concerns, it is steadily expanding. The military machine is moving and, I repeat, is coming close to our borders.”

That is the view of Russia. The view from Russia. An account of factual reality: the Warsaw Pact disbanded in 1991, Russia in due course cast as the new post USSR enemy, NATO moving ever eastward to Russia’s borders, not a breath of respect by the US for US agreements “Not one inch east”; the Ukraine government post 2014 writing out of law protection of ethnic Russians in Ukraine; and worse again Ukraine absorbs neo-Nazi “Ukraine for Ukrainians” Azov battalions into the Ukrainian army. As the German Wehrmacht absorbed Nazi Waffen SS divisions in the 1930.

All this what would the USA do with hostile military forces on their Mexican border being armed by a hostile world nuclear super-power?

But then the West, the USA, history shows has to have enemies in the world. President Eisenhower – the war generation who fought the Second World War – spoke up on this his last month in office 1961, warning of the US “industrial military complex” taking over the USA. Which, of course, it has. The almighty Pentagon and CIA and armament industries (Lockheed Martin, Northrop Gunmman, Raytheon) with budgets far in excess of many countries in the world.

Pentagon ratchets up for war – ask top US weapon manufacturers to meet:
 Arming up for war – “Raytheon Technologies and Lockheed Martin Corp jointly produce Javelins, while Raytheon makes Stingers. Other top weapons makers are Boeing Co Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics and L3Harris Technologies”. Investment and profits soaring.

And tragedy of tragedies, Russia and Russians have never hated the US or Americans. It is the US that has been *fanatically anti communist anti USSR* and in due course anti Russia for a century. And it turns no country in the world has more enemies and is so hated as the USA. From the Middle East to Asia to South America.
The Rubicon has now clearly been crossed. Russia has clearly determined a war in Ukraine is the lesser horrendous option than US NATO strike nuclear missiles on Russian borders 30 seconds flight time to Moscow.

And they will not – as should now with so much death and destruction be beyond blindingly clear – accept Russian speaking Ukrainians in the Donbass region being beaten up and killed by right wing neo-Nazi Azov battalion para-military troops.

But that is only understood by those who will listen to what the enemy is saying. All too often as now in the case of Russia enemies we create. And this all the more confounded with steal walls of east-west propaganda.   

Language wars and military wars. 

As said repeatedly by Russia for twenty years Russia will not accept nuclear armed NATO in hostile Ukraine any more than the US would accept Russian nuclear missiles in Cuba in 1962.

This is not to justify the war but to explain why the war is raging. It has two sides. Condemning with half the world ganging up against the other goes no-where if we will not negotiate.

I urge every Member of Parliament and BCP Cllrs who has any concern for world peace for ourselves and our children and grandchildren as a first step view Oliver Stone’s Ukraine on Fire 2017: Ukraine on FireA highest quality documentary from a long experienced and respected international film producer.

That is not the final word on the whole issue but a beginning to see what has been going on in Ukraine. Those who take the “West right” “Russia evil” line will no doubt bridle at viewing anything that is not solid pro West anti Russia. But there is truth in this documentary – with multiple cross-references – made back in 2017.

Every war on the planet has two sides. To go into war-chanting one national mind set as at a football match is going to lead to more war. And throwing the world economy into desperate shortages.

You have responsibilities BCP Cllrs and UK MPs to be informed. Not championing blind nationalism. It is an obscenity and outrage for BCP to fly the Ukraine flag – take one side – and not have a clue why this war is raging.

The challenge to us all to understand and communicate.
 Why is this war raging. What can we do now to calm the whole issue. As it is events are now clearly running out of all control. The US and UK and EU pouring billions of dollars of weapons into Ukraine.

NATO mobilising in the Baltic on Russia’s borders. Finland and Sweden – of all countries – fast tracking into NATO. More escalation and provocation on Russis’a border. 1914 and 1939 once again. Russia with one view: we are surrounded by deeply hostile all too often unstable (Trump, Johnson) Western nations. Could it be any clearer. Russia and US both on high level nuclear alert.

Arming for “defence” all one and the same threatening and terrifying the other side. Defence classic propaganda misnomer. Every defence system in the modern world is a threat to adversaries. Hyper “defence” missiles neutralising ICBMs are attack missiles.  

This is what has led to the Russian pre-emptive attack on Ukraine. But the West is saying nothing to worry about Russia you just have 14 major countries, three nuclear powers including the world’s foremost nuclear super-power, arming up on your borders.

Forget WWII European launched fascist mass destruction of your country. US/NATO multi-billion dollar industrial military complex nothing to worry about. We the West haven’t launched four major wars in the past seventy years (Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan) with whole countries destroyed millions dead, millions more, including who knows how many hundreds of thousands of our own troops, traumatised for life.   

Armed Services Committee – Nuclear Command Hearing: March 1st the US is on high level nuclear alert – DEFCON 3 – third highest level. And that is near three months ago. Higher levels involve fuelling IBMs. Highest level nuclear war immanent.

Ukraine one giant proxy war between the US and Russia. By the day it is clearer not if this escalates but when it escalates. British government now set on sending weapons into Moldova. Which is, of course, one more huge threat to Russia. This from a British government that will never see the world in any way but winning and losing, combat and war, and triumphing:

Tobias Ellwood Chair of UK Parliament Defence Committee July 5th 2022 calling for more weapons more war : World order at stake : Commending gambling on high stakes nuclear anihilation – “an eye to eye who blinks first” confrontation.  What terrifying mind sets from the Chair of UK Defence Committee “We should have had a Cuban missile crisis moment, looking Russia in the eye to see who blinked first.”Warmongering when we need negotiations. Communications. Grown up world politicians in the same room and for months and years whatever it takes. We cannot risk nuclear war. 

But as it is all a matter of time an escalation that brings Russia and the US into direct military combat. The third world war to start in Europe. And of course will be the last.

Working for Peace:You live in Ukraine – your town is destroyed. Neighbours and families fleeing the country. Refugees pouring out of Ukraine into Europe. What do you want to hear, US and UK are putting billions of dollars/pounds into weapon system, or that UK, US, Ukraine, and Russia, are full-on committed to United Nations cease-fire and negotiations to bring peace in Ukraine. As was finally achieved in Ireland after many decades.

No-one wins wars. WW2 fascism was defeated. The combined power of Russia, UK, USA, and allies. But no-one wins. Millions loose. All who are killed and mutilated and traumatised. The world – civilisation – set back decades if not centuries by endless primitive wars. And the US pumps out endless toy war movies – Top Gun – look young men and women its all a game. Isn’t this exciting. Wouldn’t you like to do this.

One planet. One species. Climate running out of all control by the day. This war has to stop. Massive failure of the USA and UK and EU – and the president of Ukraine – not to pick up the phone speak to the Kremlin – go to Moscow – show some respect for Russia – and start negotiations. Cowards all who will not summon the courage to take risks – close down warmongering rhetoric – put themselves on the front line for peace.

“Only the dead know the cost of war”. Plato 450bc.

Oedipus Rex: “The unclean thing polluting our land I King Oedipus will find and destroy…” only to find he Oedipus is the unclean thing – the murderer – bringing destruction on his own land and people.  All so easy to judge vilify and condemn, so much harder to see and understand our own violence in so many camouflages.


Global References :

Colonel Richard Black – 31 years a marine officer – head of criminal law division in the Pentagon 1990s: the US wars in Syria and Ukraine – “propaganda narrative has been very effective for the West demonising Russia” – “the US leading the world to nuclear war”

Colonel Richard Black: 
“We (US) began a drive towards Russia almost immediately after the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991. The Soviet Union dissolved, the Warsaw Pact dissolved. And unfortunately one of the great tragedies of history is that we failed to dissolve NATO. Russia was desperate to become part of the West.” That is so true. Russia has always looked to the West and all the West has done, 1812, 1914, 1941, and the US in the modern age, is attack or turn our backs on Russia.

Colonel Richard Black: “
President Putin made a desperate effort to stop the march towards war back in December of 2021. He went so far as to put specific written proposals on the table with NATO, peace proposals to defuse what was coming about. Because at this point, Ukraine was massing troops to attack the Dombas. And so he was trying to head this off. He didn’t want war. And NATO just dismissed it”

Historic NATO Russia Pact Signing May 1997:
Clinton, Yeltsin, Blair, Founding Act of Mutual Relations, Cooperation and Security between NATO and the Russian Federation. Russia to have a seat on NATO. All in good faith and we broke our word. We the West continued to expand NATO eastwards.

Founding Act of Mutual Relations 1997 all good and positive– peace in our time in Europe and the world – until 2010s and it all starts to unravel. For the US for many years now the Founding Act in 2017 nothing more now than a “Dead Letter “Twenty years on, the NATO-Russia Founding Act ought to be considered a dead letter – an agreement that remains in force in name only”. But then Trump administration 2015-20 – US exceptionalism – who needs peace when you have a vast industrial-military complex to feed.

Money laundering – Londongrad: why emigre Russian oligarchs settled in London in their thousands. UK’s wide open tax evasion tax haven network. Oligarch gangsters that President Vladimir Putin confronted in 2000 many ending in jail or fleeing the country. And we have the lying obscenity of the British lying media and our lying government telling the British people these are “Putin’s oligarchs”. Any wonder this country (the UK) is careering into mass chaos and depression if not civil war in Ireland.

The Oligarchs plundering Russia 1990s
 : including the Harvard connection – US Economist driving privatisation in Russia – at terrible cost to the Russia people. On all reputable accounts it is newly appointed President Putin in 2000 that took on the gangster oligarchs. All the reasons why he has been and as far as anyone can tell is hugely popular in Russia.

Russia the 1990s – implosion of the Soviet Union: Rise and Fall of the Russian Oligarchs:
 highest quality historical documentary from Human Edge of Russia in the 1990s. I know of no other source that gives such a full account of US backed (Harvard and many others) Russian Oligarchs’ plunder and destruction of the Russian economy. There is a short break in audio near the beginning.

BBC Putin, Russia, and West
 – a lengthy albeit “westenised” account from 2000 on. Putin “tried to dominate his neighbours” and how the “West dealt with him”. A tad Polemical and  imperial, before we have one fact. Russian history, from outside. Non-the-less valuable account of Putin’s government post 9/11working closely with George W. Bush government. Russia helps the USA with airfield landings for Iraq invasion 2003. Russia and US getting on well. Russia in Munich 2007 suggests Russia joins NATO – Russia is turned down out of hand. The West has insulted Russia time and time again. A huge tragedy for Russia which has always looked to the West.

President Putin’s landmark 2007 speech in Munich: This is a measured intelligent call for a safe Europe wide security architecture. A speech on par with any world leader in Europe. The president openly criticises the US for striving for a unipolar world, its unrestrained use of force and its disdain for international law – (having Iraq and Afgahniatan in mind – France, Germany and Russia voted against the war, the US and UK voted for war). “Despite his criticism, Putin didn’t seek confrontation but called for a new partnership on a fair basis.”

US retired colonel Vietnam war veteran Andrew Bacevich – Quincy Institute: March 2022 – “The US can’t absolve itself for responsibility in Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.” “The cold war ended Russia was in a position of weakness the US and its allies chose to exploit that weakness with the eastward expansion of NATO.” “And let us remind ourselves NATO is an anti-Russia alliance”.

The Causes and Consequences of the Ukraine Crisis – Professor John Meirsheimer 2015:  The West making a bad situation worse. Ethnic division of Ukraine – “Ukraine a badly divided country”. “What is taking place in Ukraine today (2015) is in a good part a civil war”. Deep causes “The West is principally responsible for the crisis – not the Russians” – and that is in 2015. Precipitating causes – “NATO ever eastward expansion”.

Cuban Crisis Redux – Tomahawks on Russia’s doorstep : The deployment of US-made missile systems in eastern Europe mirroring the Cuban missile crisis of 1962. At the cost of nuclear war the US would not have nuclear missiles in Cuba. Sixty years later Russia will not have US nuclear missiles on their border with Ukraine. They judge, as the US did in 1962, war or the threat of war is the less terrifying option.

Ukraine on Fire 2017 : Abbreviated with commentary – classic case of US regime change. A review of Oliver Stone’s 2018 Ukraine on Fire.

US State Department Victoria Nuland and US Ukraine Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt : February 2014 discussing coup d’etat overthrow of Ukraine government. Nuland “F*** the EU” – EU officials were not in the loop. Such blatant foreign regime change influence happening in the UK we would be happy? It’s breathtaking – again classic US regime change. Below Nuland with three Kiev neo Nazi leaders celebrating after the 2014 coup d’etat.

Multi award winning investigative Journalist Robert Parry – Consortium News :  2014 – “If you wonder how the world could stumble into World War III much as it did into World War I a century ago all you need to do is look at the madness that has enveloped virtually the entire U.S. political/media structure over Ukraine where a false narrative of white hats vs black hats took hold early and has proved impervious to facts or reason.” 

Ukraine neo-Nazi forces – Svoboda, Right Sector, Azov para military : All countries have right wing nationalist groups, many neo Nazi groups. In the US KKK and Proud Boys white suprematists and dozens more ultra right wing groups, Washington insurrection January 2021. The difference in Ukraine neo-Nazis became part of government, neo-Nazi Azov battalion part of Ukraine army. That is why Russia speaks of denazification.

Neo Nazi vigilante groups July 2018 :  The evidence is in front of our eyes. Andriy Parubiy founder of neo Nazi Patriots of Ukraine. Swastika symbols, Nazi style torchlight processions, Ukraine for Ukrainians. And the US hosts meetings for Parubiy. But then the CIA was founded with agents from post WWII German SS. For the US, historically, and to this day, anything and anyone but Communists. All the reason why the US aligns internationally with right wing military dictatorships. No matter the killing and brutality. 

Ukrainian neo-Nazi Azov battalions: the military music here hyping this up but no less this is what Russia has taken on. This is what Russia means by denazification. These troops at war in Dombas the past eight years. Let loose in Dombas to terrorise the Russkie population.

The Azov Battalion – patriots or neo-Nazis?: >From all we see a law unto themselves. Estimated 18,000 Ukrainians have died in fighting in Dombas region 2014 to 2022 prior to current war.

100 years of US Meddling and Regime Change from Iran to Nicaragua to Hawaii to Cuba:And of course invasions and huge destruction in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Vietnam, Korea, with now the Ukraine war. In summary US global policy US State Department Victoria Nuland Kiev February 2014 “F*** the EU”. Staggering that a high US official of this calibre can take a lead launching a coup d-etat in a foreign country and put the world on a path to war. Below Nuland with three Kiev neo Nazi leaders celebrating after the coup d’etat.

June 2010 Carnegie Council – Professor Stephen Cohen: “NATO expansion represents a profoundly broken promise to Russia made by George Bush Snr for a united Germany NATO WOULD NOT EXPAND EASTWARDS. This is beyond any dispute. We broke our word. NATO to Russia represents a lack of trust”.

2014 former USSR President Michael Gorbachev warns of the consequences of arms build-up:“People realised after the cold war they could east and west live and work together. Armies reduced and arms budgets cut.” Now warning of third World War.

2018 – Yale – Russian-American Vladimir Pozner: Independent journalist. “We are at an extremely dangerous moment. Never in the history of the USSR and Russia have relations between Russia and the US been so dire. Neither side seems to be scared of nuclear weapons” – and this is 2018 with now war raging in Ukraine.

The Bulletin of Nuclear Scientists Doomsday clock is closer to midnight than at any time in history: Collating word risk leading to nuclear armageddon we are now closer to midnight – 100 seconds to midnight – than at any time in history since the 1962 Cuba missile crisis. And that was in January since when war has broken out in Ukraine.

Stephen Kinzer – America’s century of regime change:
American interventions – all documented over all the decades, but, for the most part, drowned out by populist media. Only when you look at US interventions over a century do you see the pattern.

Bill Bradley – US Senator 1979-1997: 2008 – “The fundamental blunder of the US has been the eastward expansion of NATO”. US Secretary of State Jim Baker 1989 to President Gorbachev “NATO will not expand one inch east”.

Feb 2022 – Jack Matlock former US Ambassador 1980s to USSR: 
“Ukraine crisis stems directly from post cold-war push to expand NATO”. “The Administrations recommendation to take new members into NATO may well go down in history as a most profound strategic blunder”. “We had a Europe free and whole. Expanding NATO is provoking arms build up and new tensions.” The NATO war machine – and now Sweden and Finland join.

Tragedy beyond tragedy. If more countries joined Sweden and Finland – instead of Sweden and Finland joining NATO – far more countries neutral – refusing to arm for war – we could have peace in our time. Civilisation could be a thousand years ahead of where we are.

Nigel Farage – Russian invasion of Ukraine: “I have to say thirty years expansion of EU and NATO has been a geo-political error. We have poked the Russian bear with a stick.” Even a right wing nationalist sees the folly of expanding NATO to Russian borders.

World renowned MIT Professor Noam Chomsky 2015:“Fashionable in United States to revile Putin as a demented demon.” “All very reminiscent of the early 1950s”. Keep in mind the US is *fanatically anti-communist*, anti-socialist, anti trade unions: the 1950s McCarthy anti-communist witch hunts, US banner to this day “Better Dead than Red”, Reagan’s Evil Empire rant, seventy years blockading Cuba, seven years carpet bombing Vietnam to stop the spread of Communism.

Chomsky: “The Russians have a case, Bush Snr, Gorbachev, united Germany negotiations 1989, quid pro quo NATO would not move one inch east”.

William Blum – Killing Hope – US Military and CIA Interventions since WWII
: US fear of Communism spreading world-wide ends with fanatical US anti-communism dominating US policy for a century. No matter that post USSR Russia rooted in nationalism and Orthodox Christianity (as half of the USA) runs a modern day market economy.

“Our fear that communism might someday take over the world blinds us to the fact that US anti-communism already has.” Long gone is Russia’s communist years but no less for the US association to communism is clearly welded to Russia for all time. 

Reagan – The Evil Empire Speech 1983 – to the Association of Evangelicals: Quoting an American “I would rather see my little girls die now still believing in God than have them grow up under Communism and die no longer believing in God” Round of applause. And that is not fanaticism – with religious precedence Genesis 22 father to slay son.

Michael Gorbachev – Perestroika and Glasnost 1980s/90: “We can’t go on living like this any longer”. Only too aware of the limits of primitive first generation Communism. A vast seventy year socio-economic global experiment. China now bringing together the best of the power of central control and the power of free markets. For my money Michael Gorbachev the finest world statesman to stride the world stage in my lifetime. If the Reagan US could have matched his vision the world at war would have ended forty years ago.

Gorbachev worked for peace. Reagan for “Star Wars” – with Iran-Contra (funding for overthrow of Nicaragua Sandinista government) CIA black ops terrorism thrown in for good measure. But then what do we expect from a popularist movie star, geo-global insight and visions for peace? Although nb George W. did have a vision from God – God told me to go to war – to invade Iraq and kill hundreds of thousands of civilians.

Glenn Greenwald international journalist February 2022: Glenn Greenwald the lead journalist with NY Times and Guardian revealing to the world in 2013 Edward Snowdon’s huge US surveillance data files. US spying on their own people and foreign governments for a decade. A lengthy video from Greenwald – the rising risks of nuclear war “many systems running on archaic cold war technology”. 

US long time (31 years in Congress) Senator Bernie Sanders: “Anyone who thinks we do not have an oligarchy right here in America is sorely mistaken”. Oligarchs, the super wealthy with political influence if not controlling and running governments, prevalent in the US as historically in Russia and Ukraine. Money is power. With a global post-Empire tax haven network the highest concentration of oligarchs in London. One of if not the pre-eminent money laundering capital of the world.

Professor of Slavic Studies at Yale Professor Stephen Cohen: 2006 “Crisis in Ukraine, US Complicity – Seldom is a dispute between two parties the sole responsibility of one and not at all of the other.” But that is how it is in Western/UK mainstream media as portrayed wall to wall by UK government and MPs. Ukraine the victim, US/UK/EU blameless. Russia the evil perpetrator.

Professor Cohen
 : April 2022 “NATO membership should never have been increased after the disbanding of the Warsaw Pact”. The US made the huge strategic mistake of treating Russia as a spent force if not a collapsed society. That would ring true in the 1990s, not since 2000 and the arrival of President Putin. A strong leader for the Russian people. Clearly hated by many in the West for no more reason he is a strong leader. 

Professor Cohen:“There is no ‘The Ukraine’ in the sense of a civilisation or a country. There was a post Soviet state and it was a mess, even Ukrainians themselves agreed it was corrupt. It was divided and historically but this was not Putin’s fault.” “A very divided country”. And these statements, from Professor Cohen, long time professor of Slavic studies, entirely in accord with President Putin’s statement in his address February 21st laying out Ukraine’s complex divided history. But, no less, reviled and mocked by western politicians and in western mass media.

Professor Noam Chomsky: April 2015 “The US is the world’s biggest terrorist”

So are western US, UK, and EU governments and parliaments all getting Ukraine wrong? To the extent we get polarising and fear and alarm and chorus reactions, collective crowd psychology, mass war hysteria, spreading through society, amplified uncritically in media, we are destroying our capacity to understand. The only one way forward to end war is negotiations. Not bringing down a steel curtain of propaganda, closing down all communication with Russia, pouring in billions of dollars into more war. 

Global Journalist John Pilger – world documentaries: “Marshall McLuhan’s prophecy that “the successor to politics will be propaganda” has happened.  Raw propaganda is now the rule in Western democracies, especially the US and Britain.” And that is before this war broke out. Truth is truth is hard work. Its not on the shelf to pick up. As much as we would like to think does not come nicely packaged in daily news digest. At best they skim the surface. At worst do huge damage to countries. Tabloid press, tabloid population. 

Henry Kissinger – elderly US statesman US Foreign Secetrary in 1970s: Kissinger calling for negotiations. “Veteran US statesman Henry Kissinger has urged the West to stop trying to inflict a crushing deafeat on Russian forces in Ukraine, warning that it would have disastrous consequences for Europe. “I hope the Ukrainians will match the heroism they have shown with wisdom,” he said, adding that the proper role for the country is to be a neutral buffer state rather than the frontier of Europe.


US Nuclear Commanders testify to House Armed Services Committee – March 1st 2022:
  The US is on a high level of nuclear alert, responding to Russia raised nuclear alert, responding to NATO mobilising, responding to Russian invasion of Ukraine, responding to Kiev attacks on Dombas and fear of Ukraine joining NATO and installing nuclear strike missiles in Ukraine.

Soviet Submarine B-59 – Vasily Arkhipov – Cuba nuclear crisis 1962:October 1962 the US has set up a quarantine zone in the west Atlantic approaches to Cuba. USSR merchant ships with war-ships reach the zone boundary. One USSR submarine is in the Gulf of Mexico. A US ship drops depth charges to bring it to the surface. The captain of the submarine, with his crew in 120 degree suffocating conditions, prepares to launch their one nuclear torpedo. One of three authorising officers will not authorise. The nuclear torpedo is not launched. His name is Vasily Arkhipov 1926-1988.

Under nuclear attack – Stanislav Petrov – Russian air defence control room Moscow September 1983: System alerts “US launched missiles heading for Russia”. If control officers had followed protocol an overwhelming response of Russian ICBMs would have been launched. “The system showed the *highest level of reliability*”. Petrov filed the decision “system malfunction” reasoning that the US would not launch a major attack with just five missiles. He was right. It was a system malfunction – with the highest level of reliability.

There but for fortune.

Say No to War. Say No to Arming for War.

Refuse to participate. Demand ceasefire and negotiations.

Demand accountability from government and MPs

Take down the Ukraine flag on BCP civic centre.

Put up a flag for peace – made by children of BCP.

Jeff Williams

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