The Dollar denominated Yank Empire is dying. That is what this is all about

Iraq attempted to drop the dollar in oil trading and was destroyed. Libya attempted to drop the dollar in oil trading. It was also destroyed. Syria has tried the same and is being destroyed. Russia has built a pipeline to China, one of the biggest consumers of oil in the world and I have read recently that China is about to insist that Saudi trade oil with them for Yuan instead of dollars. 

The Yank ruling class and their chief bitch, the UK ruling class, are determined to force Russia from the world stage. By sanctions if they can but, clearly, by open conflict if they cant. It really does actually seem like these idiots are prepared to contemplate provoking a nuclear exchange. Because, that is what it could easily escalate to. The lunatics running the West after thirty five odd years of neo-liberalism really are psychopathic enough and stupid enough to think that a nuclear exchange is survivable.

Either enough of us call this dangerous nonsense out every time we hear another member of the public (that includes our neighbours, our friends and family and anybody else for that matter) regurgitating the kind of mindless propaganda they are currently being fed on a daily basis by our compliant media – or we face the very real prospect of a world war coming down the line.

It’s that serious, it’s that real and it’s that close.

Stephen Cook